Weight Loss

Being overweight can be such a challenge to overcome in the world we live in today. Food is delicious and more readily available and affordable than ever. Throw into the mix all of the confusing messages and wacky diets that exist out there and it is hard. I get it.

Different approach

What I will do is teach you an approach that focuses not on cutting things out, but adding more good things in. Two of the biggest hurdles to overcome are HUNGER and AVAILABILITY of good nutritious food.

Behaviour change

Together we will look at changing your attitude, behaviours and skills and develop ways to tackle appetite so that you to always aim to have good food at your fingertips.

Positive relationship

The overall aim is to empower you to achieve control over your diet and weight in the longterm so that you no longer have to follow a diet or mealplan but instead start to think for yourself and have an enjoyable and healthy relationship with food. Whether you’re someone who wants to lose a little (or a lot) of WEIGHT, I would love to hear from you.

Lets get working on you.

The Valley Clinic
Valley Drive
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