It is ok to have a terrible diet!

Did that get your attention? Good. Yes, that’s right, you are reading correctly. I did just say that. Let me tell you why.

From time to time (myself included) we all go through periods of having a terrible diet. Life is busy. Nutrition is complicated. We are bombarded everyday on TV and social media with LOW CARB THIS, GLUTEN FREE THAT and sometimes you just don’t know where to start. It is no wonder that approximately 70% of men and 60% of women are overweight or obese and approximately 70% do not have their 5 A DAY of fruit and vegetables.

So sometimes it is ok to have rubbish diet, but overall we should aim to become healthy eaters one step at a time. Remember, your body is the most incredible piece of equipment you’ll ever own and you only get one, so LOOK AFTER IT!

Who am I?

Hi my name is Barry and I am a Dietitian (or Dietician). What is a dietitian I here you ask. Well Dietitians are Nutritionists, but EXPERT ones who are really SAFE and HIGHLY REGULATED, like nurses and doctors.

That is me in the picture above. I’m from Dublin and I have a young family with 2 little girls that keep me on my toes. I met my wife here and love Yorkshire and definitely can not think of a better place to live in the UK.

I. LOVE. NUTRITION. I should hope so, as I have studied it in one way or another for 16 years. So, what better way for me to put this to good use than working as a Dietitian for the last 13 years in the NHS and for companies such as Diabetes UK and BUPA.

I have many qualifications including a Degree in Biology and Chemistry, a Masters Degree in Nutrition, a Postgrad Diploma in Dietetics and and Postgrad Certificate in Sports and exercise nutrition and have helped 100s of patients become more expert in nutrition and work towards or achieve their lifestyle goals.

My Aim.

The reason I set up the Livewell Dietitian is because when I talk to clients and patients everyday, I am struck by the amount of confusion and lack of knowledge around nutrition. Even in my own family, and they live with a dietitian!

I wanted to make nutrition easy to understand for everyone. When you realise that nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated you can apply this to your own eating habits and lifestyle and reap the rewards of living a happier healthier life.

NIKE the running shoe company says “If you have a body then you are an athlete” I say… “If you have a body then you are a nutritionist” well at least you can try to be. I strongly believe if we EAT WELL, then we can LIVE WELL.

What People Have Said About The Livewell Dietitian…

“I have occasional bouts of diverticulitis, so I decided to consult a dietitian for advice. I trawled the internet and contacted the ones nearest my home and the only one who came back to me was Barry Cullen. A Skype consultation was arranged and I was relieved to find that the man really knew his stuff. He spent well over an hour with me providing a wealth of detailed information. In fact there was so much to learn that I commissioned a report that I could absorb at my leisure and this also proved to be thoroughly professional, well laid out and full of detailed advice. I would therefore recommend Barry to anyone suffering digestive problems of any kind.”


“Thank you for all the information provided in my report and during my face to face sessions. I really found them both interesting and useful”


“After 30 years of eating convenience food from Marks and Spencer, we are now eating our own food, cooked from scratch with fresh meat and vegetables. I have lost weight and saved time and money. I was astonished that you can make some home made soup in less time than a ready meal takes to warm up. Barry Has informed me where I was going wrong and set me on a healthy eating plan for life – money well spent”


Let’s get working on you.

Background & Training…

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