It is OK to have a rubbish diet!

Did that get your attention? Good. Yes, that’s right, you are reading correctly. I did just say that. Let me tell you why.

From time to time (myself included) we all go through periods of having a rubbish diet. Life is busy. Nutrition is complicated. We are bombarded everyday on TV and social media with LOW CARB THIS, GLUTEN FREE THAT and sometimes you just don’t know where to start. It is no wonder that approximately 70% of men and 60% of women are overweight or obese and approximately 70% do not have their 5 A DAY of fruit and vegetables.

So sometimes it is ok to have rubbish diet, but overall we should aim to become healthy eaters one step at a time. Remember, your body is the most incredible piece of equipment you’ll ever own and you only get one, so LOOK AFTER IT!

About Me

Hi my name is Barry and I am a Dietitian (or Dietician as some like to spell it). What is a dietitian I here you ask. Well Dietitians are Nutritionists, but EXPERT ones who are really SAFE and HIGHLY REGULATED, like nurses and doctors.

That is me in the picture above. I’m from Dublin and I have a young family with 2 little girls that keep me on my toes. I met my wife here and love Yorkshire and definitely can not think of a better place to live in the UK.

I. LOVE. NUTRITION. I should hope so, as I have studied it in one way or another for 14 years. So, what better way for me to put this to good use than working as a Dietitian for the last 10 years in the NHS and for companies such as Diabetes UK and BUPA.

I have many qualifications including a Masters Degree and have helped 100s of patients become more expert in nutrition and work towards or achieve their lifestyle goals.

My Aim

The reason I set up the Livewell Dietitian is because when I talk to clients and patients everyday, I am struck by the amount of confusion and lack of knowledge around nutrition. Even in my own family, and they live with a dietitian!

I wanted to make nutrition easy to understand for everyone. When you realise that nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated you can apply this to your own eating habits and lifestyle and reap the rewards of living a happier healthier life.

NIKE the running shoe company says “If you have a body then you are an athlete” I say… “If you have a body then you are a nutritionist” well at least you can try to be. I strongly believe if we EAT WELL, then we can LIVE WELL.

Who I See?

WEIGHT LOSS – Being overweight can be such a challenge to overcome in the world we live in today. Food is delicious and more readily available and affordable than ever. Throw into the mix all of the confusing messages and wacky diets that exist out there and it is hard. I get it.

What I will do is teach you an approach that focuses not on cutting things out, but adding more good things in. Two of the biggest hurdles to overcome are HUNGER and AVAILABILITY of good nutritious food.

Together we will look at ways to tackle appetite and empower you to always aim to have good food at your fingertips. Whether you’re someone who wants to lose a little (or a lot) of WEIGHT, I would love to hear from you.

SPORTS NUTRITION – It is becoming increasingly recognised by athletes, coaches and professional bodies, that nutrition plays a MAJOR ROLE in both the maintenance of health and being successful in your sport performance.

I personally love sport. If you are also someone who, loves sport, wants to be the best they can be, just does it for fun or wants to tick that race off your bucket list, then overlook nutrition at your peril! (wink).

The best sports person is a healthy sports person. Together we will look at how best to fuel your training and maximise your recovery to help keep you going and going again (or at least until the finish line).

MEDICAL CONDITIONS – If I’ve learned anything from my 12 years working as a dietitian in the NHS it is that failing to take your nutrition seriously and look after yourself can lead to  serious consequences such as disability and chronic disease.

The good news is that there are things you can do. Changing the foods you eat for certain conditions can lead to positive changes such as a reduced dependency on medications and in some cases even a reversal of symptoms.

If you are someone who has a medical condition that requires you to make important changes to the way you eat or the types of foods you eat then it would be of great benefit for you to seek advice from a dietitian.

WORKPLACE WORKSHOPS – If you run a company or business and think looking after your staff is sensible and important, then you’d be right! It has been shown that productivity, retention and morale, to name a few, can all be improved by better NUTRITION.

To help you with this I specialise in wellbeing workshops focusing on nutrition education. Together we will look at topics such as the basic food groups, body measurements, calorie requirements, portion sizes, food labels, meal planning, myth busting and how to stay motivated!

My Values

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to nutrition. Yes we all eat food, but we eat different foods and we all come in different shapes and sizes, with different interests and goals.

What I will always do is treat everyone as an individual taking into consideration what you want to focus on and on your abilities and explore how we can TOGETHER improve your nutrition for the better.

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